Showreel 2020

19 June 2020

Le Petit Spirou

5 October 2017

We are proud to be a part of LE PETIT SPIROU film directed by Nicolas Bary and produced by Les Films Du Cap x Les Partenaires.
We have made vFX inside the fortune teller’s crystal ball and the opening and ending credits sequences.

Thanks to Marco et Fab at Bloodybird!


18 July 2017

We did all vFX and titles for LA COLLE (Hours detention) film directed by Alexandre Castagnetti.


28 September 2016

RADIN! (Tightfisted!) is out!
Main title and main on end made by Gilles Pointeau at FUGU!
Thanks to Fred Cavaye for the confidence.

Le Fantôme de Canterville

27 November 2015

FUGU is proud to be a part of "Fantôme de Canterville" Full length.
We did two "paper-cut" sequences for Yann Samuel film.
Released 13 avril 2016!


27 November 2015

FUGU was involve in the making of SIGMA THEORY teaser.
If you are interested by CIA/NSA/SCI-FI… stuffs stay tuned.


4 November 2014

FUGU is proud to collaborate with director Jean Paul Rouve on the maintitle and ending scroll of LES SOUVENIRS.
Release january 2015.


27 November 2013

FUGU is proud to announce AMAZONIA release on nov. 27th.
We made all vfx in this green and tropical journey.
Thanks to Laurent Baujard and Christian Rajaud


6 November 2013

Fugu is proud to annociate the EN SOLITAIRE released in theater this week.
Thanks to Christophe Offenstein, Jean Cottin and Veronique Lange.

Au bonheur des ogres released on oct. 16

16 October 2013

FUGU is proud to celebrate the AU BONHEUR DES OGRES released in theatres. We worked on opening and main on end titles.
Thanks to Nicolas Bary and all Fugu team! Enjoy!


1 September 2013

Watch out, Canal+ new short’com CASTING(S) we made the opening title.
Thanks to Pierre Niney and Hugo gélin @Zazi film!